The new measure for Standards.

The new measure for Standards.

The new measure for Standards.

The new measure for Standards.

Who we are.

Picard Innovations develops and builds software applications to make the rules and regulation process in construction and real estate more effective and efficient.

Picard is named after the renowned French astronomer and priest Jean-Felix Picard. He was the first man to measure the size of the Earth in a survey conducted in 1669/1670. His measurements produced a result of 110.46 km for one degree of latitude, which gives a corresponding terrestrial radius of 6328.9 km. The polar radius has now been measured at just over 6357 km, an error of only 0.44%. His findings became even the basis for the current size of the meter. It meant a leap in cartography in his days, and for us a lasting inspiration for improving measuring technology.


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Digitalising the standards.

Today we experience a rapid digital awakening in the world of construction and real estate development. Besides that, there is an increasing uncertainty due to lack of transparency. Square meters (and of course footage) now become the safe standard for measuring and estimating the value of existing property worldwide. It leads to a serious need for fact-based tools.

In the Netherlands we have partnered with NEN (The National Standardization Institute) to develop the NEN 2580 Report Service. A unique software that is able to calculate the surface standard directly from the drawing software of architects and engineers.

Traditionally Standardization Institutes develop, publish and provide compliance support for standards. Now it's possible to deliver compliance directly to your [target audience/customers/clients/stakeholders]. We turn dusty standard books into measurable and unambiguous data reports. To ensure all data is verified and users are 100% standard-compliant and saving a lot of time doing so.

We develop products for a wide range of professionals. Our products are especially designed and suited for Standard Institutes, Architects, Surveyors, Engineering and Construction professionals, Project Developers, Facility Managers.


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